The Little Saint Store is not just a company, it's a dream come true. In 2012 I've just moved in Paris and looking for a job as 3D designer. As it wasn't easy andI wanted to earn some money to go to a Heavy Music Festival, I though about what could I do to get some money.... And in a casual conversation, as many things in live happens, it came alone: tieclips.Me and my web marketer Sergio in a Enterprise meeting

Ticelips? There's a lot of tieclips, classy elegant, luxurious or cheap gift tieclips, but... tieclips for people like me? I don't think there were too many of those. I've started to make my first own designs based in what I'd love to wear but I couldn't if I had an office job, or if I was invited to a wedding. Something special, elegant, classy and discret but meaningful not just for me, but for everyone who loves what I relly love.

For most of people I would be an elegant man with an attactive tieclip, but for those like me, and for myself, I'll be free to be what I really am.

I opened in december 2012 my first shop in ETSY (and still it's opened and working) with just four references. As almost every beginning it was a kind of hard, but in a few months I noticed that my first assumption was correct: there are a lot of people willing to wear geek tieclips.

And then, I grew up doing your best wishes: things I hadn't conceived, but capables to make you feel special. Weddings, new jobs, proms, annyversarys, father's day... too many ocassions to make a gift, or to buy to yourself. In less than one year, I've past from 4 to 50 refences of different genders. Also I started to make cufflinks as perfect complement to the tieclip.

At that time I thought that you deserve best quality moreover the design. At that point I was working  with Shapeways, I was sending my 3D design and they did it. But I think quality and attention goes beyond design and packaging, and I start to design, melt and polish my own products. I've started to work with brass, cheaper, more brilliant and more adaptable than stainless steel, the material I used in Shapeways.

So, in Paris I started my new workshop, with a little oven, my designs, and a lot of projets. As you can guess, it was a little difficult at the beginning, but in a little time I could control the process and go to the highest quality:silver.

So, this is nowadays my little history: the story of someone who though that a lot of geek adults would love to be adults with all their dutys but without stop being geek.

Wellcome to my shop. I'd love you love it.