It all starts with the design. Either by a petition or if is a personal idea, the first thing I do is think about two things: What is what identifies something that people like? And how could be turn in a fashion accessory? The answer is not always easy: there are plenty of great things that have an identifiable symbol (for example the Hulk) or the symbol is really difficult to do on because the level of detail or design.

 The workshop

Once I have the idea in mind, I start designing in 3D. It is not just to give volume. You need to think that must be seen and identified, and what is not so obvious, but very important, the measures and the details needed to have the thickness that will not break after some time. With the design finished I do a copy in resin with the 3D printing. This process may seem less craft, but actually allows the customer to see the design in 3D before buying it and you can make yourself an idea of how it will look at the end. This also allows me a very high level of detail as the sign on the door of the Tardis, the Wings of the Colonial fleet, or holes in the deck of the Millennium Falcon.

The mold.

After printing the original piece, is placed in a cylinder filled with a special investment. This investment should be mixed well and remove all the bubbles with a vacuum machine. This must be done carefully and quickly to avoid it solidifies before completing the process and thus prevent the metal piece has damage or lose some detail.

When the investment is dry I put the cylinder in the oven (over 1200 ° F) for 7 hours that will make the temperature rises gradually to prevent the cylinder can crack and can leave marks on the end pieces. When you reach the ideal temperature the resin will melt leaving the mold ready to introduce the molten metal.

The Casting.
Once the cylinder is at the right temperature, in another oven, I took the metal to melting point. Once this point is reached, very carefully I decant the metal in the empty cylinder. 5 minutes later, when the cylinder stills hot , I introduce it in a bucket of water so that the investment separates from the final piece.

fondition process



When a piececomes outthe ovenis dirty, flawedand opaque.What really makes a piece that is personal and uniqueis the hand polished work that we carry out. Each piecemust beseparated from the excessmetal,sanded, polishedandbuffed. These processes are made with different abrasive papers,sanding disks, and different polishing pastes depending on the workpiece.What is special about this workis to giveas many polished to achieve the brightness and texture expected in each ofthe detailsof the symbol.This is the mostconsuming partbut givespersonality and identityto each ofthe pieces ofTheLittleSaintStore.

After polishing and buffing, the piece is cleaned ultrasonically to remove traces of polishing paste that can be left and the design is carefully examined to guarantee a high quality.



The last steep is the packaging. I consider that each of the items in the store must have a package that keeps them safe from dust, dirt and scratches. There are two models of packaging: classic and collector. The classic model is a velvet bag with a wax seal that keep the product in less space but ensuring a proper care of the product. If you want it for yourself, you need nothing more. However, there are times when you want to make a gift, or you like so much your whip your tie clip or cufflinks that you want to keep them organized and sight. Or, being a gift, you want to give something special. In that case, the collector case stored our product in a hard case with foam support, so this way will not only be safe, but easier to organize and display without having to touch it.