Game of Thrones: House of Lannister tie-clip and cuff-links


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Proud, money, power and family. Lannisters are called to rule Westeros because they act like one man with just one will: get the power over every other family. You can be one of the members of this family with this tie clip what roar your willing: be yourself.

This tie clip and cufflinks are inspired in George R. R. Martin show, Game of Thrones . The item REPRESENTS THE LANNISTER SYMBOL, and will make THE GAME OF THRONE FANS feel elegant and themselves at the same time. This is a unique item made out of a PERSONAL DESIGN THAT I HAD MELT IN ONE PIECE, which turns this piece in an EXCLUSIVE CRAFTSMANSHIP WORK and very personal that you will not find anywhere else.

You can wear it on a daily basis or in that special day when you need to be elegant but never forgetting who you are. After POLISHING AND CLEANING very carefully in order to keep the clarity of his original GOLDEN COLOUR and highlight every single detail of this special piece. The Lannister tie clip and cufflinks come in a RIGID BOX that allows a SAFE SHIPPING AND CONSERVATION, is also a unique showcase for a special accessory.

If you like it or IF YOU THINK THAT SPECIAL PERSON WOULD LIKE IT, you can buy it here. If not, you can always send it to who you think may like it or add it to your favourite list. In any case, if you have any question, IF YOU EVEN WANT IT MORE SPECIAL or if you have that BRILLIANT IDEA that didn't happened to me yet, DON'T HESITATE TO EMAIL ME so I can turn in a work of art that symbol that is so special for you.

This work is done in BRASS and we have different sizes for regular and skinny ties.


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Game of Thrones: House of Lannister tie-clip and cuff-links

Game of Thrones: House of Lannister tie-clip and cuff-links

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